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Yoga By Dosha

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 WHY: Want to learn how to adapt your practices of yoga āsana, prānāyāma, and meditation to meet the changing qualities of the season? Connect to the natural world through the way that you move and breathe. 

This series will introduce fall and summer but emphasize late winter into spring classes, balancing Kapha Dosha. Practices are chosen to help us find equilibrium, ample movement, and pure joy. 

Join us for this weekly class, April 27th - June 1st, Wednesdays 5:15 pm - 6:30 PM EDT where we will explore yoga from an Ayurvedic, elemental point of view.

Curious about Ayurveda and want to learn a little before class? Free pre-course material is offered including a 2 hour video on the basic lens of Ayurveda. Also enjoy extra goodies like recipes and writing after each class to return to throughout the year.


Recordings are also uploaded of each session, accessible through the duration of the course, should you miss a live-streamed session. 

Pre-Course Materials

This introduction to Ayurveda video was done as a workshop, coming to you gratis with this course to provide essential background information regarding the 5 elements, three doshas, and 20 qualities or gunas that inform the basis of understanding seasonal practices. 

Introduction to the Tridosha


    Balancing cold, dry, rough, and hyper-mobile qualities through warming, smooth, stabilizing practices...

    Yoga By Dosha Class 1: Recorded Session
      Self Care in vāta season.pdf
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      Recipe Giveaway #1
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      Karna Purna: Ear Oiling


        Balancing end of winter into spring qualities like heavy, dull, slow, sticky, stable, dense, soft, and smooth.
        Yoga By Dosha 3: Zoom Link or Recorded Session
          Pranayama FAQs Answered: Blog
            Pungent Video.m4a
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            spice up your life.pdf
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            Kapha 2

            Class 3 Recorded Session
              Spring Recommendations
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                Kapha 3

                Class 4 Recorded Session
                  Recipe Giveaway
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                  Bitter Taste .m4a
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                  dinacarya sample.pages
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                  Kapha 4

                  Class 5 recorded session
                    Class 2 Tools dinacarya sample.pdf
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                    Recipe Giveaway
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                    Recipe Giveaway
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                    Seasonal practices to balance qualities of oily, hot, sharp, smelly, spreading, liquid, and bright.
                    Yoga By Dosha Class 6: Recorded Session
                      Pitta and Summer Recs
                        Recipe Giveaway
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                        Bonus Video from Yoga Alliance Workshop