VLW Store/1 Day Yoga Retreat at Hindu Buddha Temple in Maryland

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Life is Sacred: 1 Day Yoga Retreat at Hindu Buddha Temple in Maryland

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On May 18th, join Anjali & Priyanka for a nourishing and restorative day celebrating our divinity and humanity through the gifts of yoga and Ayurveda at this fairly new beloved temple in Glen Arm, Maryland. It is our intent that you find your mind stimulated by the knowledge provided but also deeply calmed through the experiential practices and schedule for the day.

We will move, breathe, learn, sing, and eat together and enjoy many aspects of yogic life, with short sessions led by Anjali and Priyanka (Yoga, Ayurveda, delicious food), as well as from NIH scientist Amit Singh (a short talk on inflammation and healthy lifestyle), and Panditji from the temple (sacred life from a Hindu perspective & joyful devotional songs).

It will be a day devoted to health, wellbeing, and simple spirituality, enjoyed in community & sacred space. No prior experience is necessary. Just a curious heart, gently respectful nature, and a yoga mat are needed to participate in the day.

Register here. $200 donation for the day. OR if you would like to offer more or less $100-$250 suggested, please email Anjali at villagelifewellness@gmail.com.

Schedule for the Day

May 18th

8:45 am arrival

9 am Arati and Introduction to the Day

9:30 am - 11 am Yoga & Pranayama with Priyanka and Anjali

15 minute break

11:15 - 1 pm Introduction to Ayurveda

1-2 LUNCH with a short explanation on the dishes

2-2:30 Amit offers comments on healthy lifestyle and reducing inflammation

2:30 - 4 pm Anjali offers Introduction to the 6 Tastes of Ayurveda.

4 pm Tea Break

4:30 - 5:30 Panditji offers comments on spiritual life and bhajans/ devotional songs.

5:30 - 6 closing circle activity and gratitudes.

About Priyanka

Priyanka follows the mantra of 'Yoga for all' and 'Yoga for a better life' and to fulfill this mantra she established 'YogwithPriyanka' in the summer of 2020. Priyanka's approach includes, exploration of different yoga branches with ultimate goal to better understand our mind, body, and spirit connections. During pandemic times, her efforts has been praised by Next Door Neighborhood as favorite business in 2022. To have deeper connection with community Priyanka has been involved in teaching yoga in Baltimore at several studios for more than 6 years. In conjunction with 'Yoga for better life' Priyanka is immense advocate for Ayurvedic cooking and shares her Indian roots of cooking life with her students. She has been incredibly enthused by the idea that food is medicine. Her values resonate with Yoga, which says that, our body should be treated like a temple because it is home to your soul! RYT 500 

About Anjali

Drawn to the wisdom grounded in India, where her mother was born, Anjali pursued her first formal training at the Sivananda Yoga Dhanwantari Ashram in Kerala in 2005 and has never turned back since. Through yoga and yoga’s sister science, Ayurveda, Anjali found a life path that has made her comfortable in her own skin and a means of service in the world. She believes that yoga and Ayurveda are complete systems of self regulation, healing, and meditation and has taught in a variety of environments with dual focus on tradition and accessibility.

About Dr. Amit Singh

Dr. Singh research focused on understanding the aging immune system. His research interests include inflammation and its regulation for healthy lifespan and vaccine efficacy in elderly. Dr. Singh, hosts radio show on science advancement and enjoys communicating complicated biomedical research to common people in a lucid way. He is a firm believer of Yogic lifestyle and spirituality!  

About Panditji

Ganga Das is an American Sanyasi (renunciant and ascetic monk) in the tradition of Ramanandi Sampraday, Nirvani Akhara. He serves as a priest at a Nepali Hindu Buddha Mandir outside of Baltimore, Maryland, as well as serving at a spiritual retreat center, Just Love Forest, outside of Atlanta, Georgia. He travels the country giving dharma talks, holding satsangs (sacred gatherings) and chanting. As a wandering monk, his life has been dedicated to serving others, spreading love and assisting people to find their own paths via their own personal realizations of the Divine.

Rituals and Etiquettes

9 Am Arati

    Temple Address:

    12231 Hartford Road, Glen Arm, Maryland 21057