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Consultation & Ayurvedic Cleanse

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Do you ever feel that your mind and heart are telling you things but you cannot slow down enough to listen? The body gives us signals. This earth gives us signals. Every day there is information in front of us that urges us to make some changes. And yet, the grind, the hustle, the bustle -- it can be so hard to slow down. 

Do you experience the signs of undigested buildup in body and mind and need a reset? Have you felt that your consumption levels have not matched your body and mind's true needs? 

Fatigue, bloating, foul smell, indigestion, or brain fog and can't put your finger on the cause? 

Do you tend to get sick at the season's turn or overdo the vices during summer? 

It might be time for a seasonal cleanse. 

Ayurvedic cleanses are deeper and yet more supportive than many of the fad cleanses out on the market and bookshelves today. You will learn self massage and oily practices, mono-diet recipes, breathing and meditation, and take supportive ghees and herbs as you prepare to lighten the load in your digestive tract. Beyond that, this cleanse contains options -- mild, medium, and intense, for those who just need moral support to make simple changes in life rather than drastic measures. No effort is wasted.

If you are ready to enter a new phase or season with more vitality and peace, connecting your way of life to natural cylcles, join us for a new experience. 

We will meet three times to set our intentions individually and as a group, learn about the process and purpose of seasonal cleanse, and for support along the way. *The first two meetings are mandatory. The last meeting is optional, though highly recommended. 

Join us March 15 - 29th. Meetings on each Friday evening 7, 14, and 21st at 6:30 pm.

What you will need

Split Mung Dal
Rice (preferably sona masoori)
Cumin seed 
Coriander seed and leaf
Fennel seed
Ginger Root
Turmeric powder
Optional a few vegetables
A pot with cover
An additional side pan

A cheese cloth or very fine mesh strainer
Dashamula root (obtained through banyanbotanicals.com)
Guduchi powder (obtained through banyan botanicals)
Guduchi capsules
Triphala capsules (obtained through Kerelaayurveda.us)
Optional hanging enema bag

Oils for Abhyanga recommended by Anjali or plain organic sesame
plain organic sesame oil 
Nasya oil recommended by Anjali or Anu Tailum (from Kerela Ayurveda)
An additional clean dropper bottle

Other items recommended:
food grade rose water
your favorite herbs for tea
a tea tumbler or a coffee press
yoga mat and/or cushion for practice
possibly specified items post consultation

Is it time for a cleanse?
    The Four Stages of A Cleanse
      Recording 1
        Recording 2
          Recording 3

            Oily Practices

            When Kapha is the main concern
              Abhyanga Oil Massage, ALL, 2007-12-11.pdf
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              Elements_of_Ayurveda_Nasya_Guide.pdf and video
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              Kitchari & Recipes

              Sample Kitchari-Making Video
                Cilantro Chutney
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                How to make Kanji

                  Optional but recommended practices


                  There are many forms of pranayama and kinds of lessons. I am uploading some practices you might try during the time. You are also welcome to join the Tuesday zoom sessions 4:30 pm EDT. Let me know if you need the link.

                  Meditation: Any contemplative practice or meditation for short periods every day is recommended during a cleanse. Do what feels sustainable and what you know.

                  Yoga Nidra: I highly recommend this practice tried at various times per day. https://insighttimer.com/amrityogainstitute/guided-meditations/i-am-yoga-nidra-witness-and-let-go

                  Pranayama, Meditation, Yoga Nidra

                    About Enemas

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                    Cleanse Options

                    1-7 day mild cleanse
                      5 day More Intense Cleanse
                        7 Day intensive cleanse

                          3-5 Days of Light Integration

                          How we eat
                            What we eat