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Eat to Digest

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In this course, we will gain a thorough but accessible introduction to Ayurveda core concepts as it pertains to constitution, digestive capacity, Ayurvedic concept of specific digestive disorders, the function of flavor, daily rhythms of self care, and proper ways to nourish and cleanse seasonally. 

HOW: We will hold class in multiple styles: live online lectures and discussion sessions, a cooking lesson, as well as supplementary videos that highlight some substances and their usefulness in self treatments. You will have access to a growing library of materials for at least one year following the completion of your course.

WHO THIS IS FOR: Whether you are focused on nourishment or on cleansing, the self care treatments taught in this course are an essential part of Ayurveda and add incredible comfort to daily life.  

Expect to learn warm oily self massage and application techniques, pranayama, and useful cooking for the entire year.

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