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Transformations: Your Unique Wellness Journey

January - June 2023.

Who This Is For:

We see you, out here in the thick of it, caring for your loved ones, our communities, fighting systems, holding up mountains. Day in and day out, burnout threatens your sustainability. You've been playing the game, or not playing it at all, and either way, something's got to give. Your well fills up from helping others, but personal nourishment falls to the wayside. Whilst you have strived to gain the best official and unofficial training, what is missing from your toolbox is consistent self care in a community with shared intentions.
I have been there. As a community builder with two brick and mortar locations for fourteen years, for the first few years, I remember falling into a pattern of not eating until 3 pm.  I was passionate but living on love and fresh air is not sustainable and I would feel my energy drop and spacey mind set in at this time. There are many hidden forces and outward voices that tell us that thriving is not our birthright, that our goal in this life is to produce continuously without rest, and even after years of practice, these beliefs can silently sneak up from behind. After seventeen years of creating containers for self care and community care, what I know is that we need each other, and that consistency matters.

Do you feel called toward a vision of transformation, to learning and privately apply nature's wisdom even when no one is looking and to share the journey with others?

Are you ready?

Ready to connect to your sacred ability to co-create with nature, to engage with and heal through the basics of what She provides, nourishing input: food, water, breath, and movement.

It's Time to Hear and Act

upon the natural wisdom of your mind, body, and heart.

Do you want to access a voice that is buried in your DNA, perhaps a magic from your childhood, or a time when you had time to observe nature and explore life?

Do you want to reconnect to the earth and her wisdom traditions in new and ancient, exciting ways - medicinal, preventative, deeply nourishing ways? These ways are at your fingertips. They are in the simple rhythms of everyday life. They are in the substances in your kitchens and spice boxes. They are in the sun, wind, and water. They are accessible through all of your senses. They are in you.

Re-awaken in community to the quality of life that you deserve, that aligns and sustains you in your work with others.

What's in Store

In this six month journey, you will benefit from 
  •  1:1 tailored Ayurvedic consultations with Anjali to support you with personalizing your unique approach to your six month journey
  • a variety of monthly group workshops and cooking demos designed for our intimate Transformation community
  • A continuously growing e-learning library with recipes, educational and inspiring videos on relevant topics like Ayurvedic Nutrition, supportive lifestyle practices, breath-work, and more.
  • Six month access to additional group courses of your choosing like Pranayama or Seasonal Yoga Practices

At the end of six months, if you feel that you have not received tools to refresh and sustain your life, Anjali will refund you completely.

Your commitment is to applying the skills to your transformation and showing up for yourself and others. Are you ready? 


Although we are living on opposite sides of the world right now, I still consider one ofmy most effective healers and have had much ease in meeting with her online. Anjali's knowledge is deep, and from the heart as well as from the mind, and she is kind, playful, and accessible. I cannot reccomend her services enough - particularly for the stuff other healers might look over or ignore. She gets to the root of it all. 
 - Ann Everton

Consultations with Anjali

Six Private 1:1 Consultations

We start with your initial intake to get the lay of the land, your land, the land of your body and mind, to outline your goals and desires for wellbeing and what seems to stand in the way, be it physical conditions or mental barriers. Through the wisdom of Ayurveda, Anjali will begin to guide you into an immediately tailored lifestyle which can include varied practices from the yoga mat, to the garden, the kitchen, and the bathtub, to balance as per your constitution. You will be offered five follow up sessions with Anjali as you begin to craft the life that sustains you. 

Community Classes

During this process, you can choose the community class(es) that best suit your needs and gain access, amongst all of Anjali's offerings. All of these classes are centered around nourishment through food, water, breath, and sensory inputs. Some ongoing options are:

  • Gentle Yoga
  • Pranayama
  • Seasonal Practices: yoga by dosha
  • Traditional Hatha Yoga

Transformations Exclusive Sessions

Each month, our group will meet for a 2 hour gathering online where we can support each other and continue learning. 

These sessions help you to:
  • Recognize the language of your body from an Ayurvedic Perspective
  • Learn Ayurvedic thought processes for self healing
  • Simple home remedies and practices which integrate items you may have in your home
  • Map out and celebrate your progress, goals, and integrated rhythms within community

Optional Livestreamed Cooking Workshops

Each month, we will have an informal live-streamed cooking workshop where we cook a seasonally appropriate dishes based on Ayurvedic food combining and basic principles. These sessions will be recorded for those who can not attend and kept as part of the growing E-Learning Library. 

E-Learning Library

Our group of Transformations participants will have a private e-learning library with loads of short 5 -10 minute videos from the wisdom of Ayurveda, 'how to' instructional as well as informational clips like recipes and cooking hacks to continue designing your lifestyle. At the end of six months, if you feel that you have not received tools to refresh and sustain your life, Anjali will refund you completely. 

Your Journey Ahead

Mapping your Unique Ayurvedic Pathway

Register for the course and Anjali will be in touch to book your first consultation, where Anjali will help map you map out your six month of programming. The follow up consultations to continue tailoring your journey will be scheduled at your own pace. The first official group workshop will begin in January 2023 with recordings for anyone who misses. The group will be surveyed for best days and times. 

At the end of this six month journey, you will be offered a discounted rate into next year to ensure you are able to reestablish the beneficial and life altering habits you form during this course year after year, should you want that. You will also be offered discounted 1:1 consultations for the remainder of 2023.

About your facilitator

Anjali Sunita is a humble student and teacher of the basics of Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle, trained by Dr. Vasant Lad of the Ayurvedic Institute, Dr. Rajesh Kalvadia of Charak Ayurveda in India, and now through Kerela Ayurveda group of Ayurvedic doctors led by Dr. Jayarajan. While she imagines, she will be studying the vast ocean of Ayurveda for life, she has a skill for teaching with a focus on tradition and accessibility and has been running wellness programs for the past 17 years. She is trained in yoga, originally through the Sivananda Yoga Dhanwantari Ashram in Kerela, India, and then through a variety of skilled teachers in the United States and has taught in a variety of settings from ashrams, public schools, correctional facilities, hospitals, retreat centers, and private homes internationally and especially in her hometown, Baltimore city. Her love of teaching extends to online formats where she creates unique opportunities for international community to learn from eachother.


I grew up with ayurveda as a form of healing and have had many ayurvedic consultations. The offering of ayurvedic wisdom and healing left me feeling restored, realigned, and totally reconnected me to my joy. I felt healthier in body, mind, and spirit. I am so grateful for Anjali's healing presence and the simple, yet profound way that guidance and deep listening helped me heal my chronic asthma issues and other related ailments.
- Peejo Sehr, counselor