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Gentle Yoga

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Nourish through classical asana as well as gentle modern warm ups to prepare the body and mind for deep relaxation. 

Mondays 3:15 pm - 4:30 pm EDT for four weeks, starts May 30th with recordings offered to anyone who misses and also to everyone to repeat practice anytime during the week.

Is this class for you?

A great choice for students seeking to build a life-long practice for nourishing body and soul, and for those living with arthritis or working to recover strength and flexibility after injury. Students will learn therapeutic principles of alignment; we will introduce variations with props (including the wall and chairs at times) to access poses safely, deeply and comfortably. The majority of the asanas are reclined floor poses, with care given for those with tender lower backs and joints. Students find the pace of this class both physically comforting and emotionally comforting. When we are able to move slowly, with deep breath, in a non-competitive, friendly, and caring environment, stresses melt away and we return to our true nature, which is peaceful. 

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